Order Kunafa Online

Order from our delicious range of Arabic sweets. At Looshi's Bakery we have added our own twist to some of the traditional Arabic sweets. Our kunafa range is one of our best selling desserts! We have a range of molten chocolate kunafa desserts as well as kunafa bowls that's a must try. 
We offer same day delivery near you for most of our Arabic sweets range. Some of the cakes do require a notice period for preparation.
You can also select the preferred size of the dessert requested by selecting the drop down menu and choosing the size preference. 
We provide free delivery in Dubai for all orders placed online that are above 300 AED. Order delivery scheduling is also available at the checkout page. 
Among their bestsellers, the Molten Chocolate Kunafa stands out, available in both regular and large sizes. For Nutella lovers, the Nutella Kunafa Bowl is a must-try. Other unique offerings include the Lotus Kunafa Bowl and the Pistachio Kunafa Bowl, each promising a delightful taste experience. For those who enjoy fruity flavors, the Kunafa Mango Jar is a perfect choice. Additionally, the Kunafa Cheesecake merges the classic cheesecake with the rich texture of kunafa, creating a luxurious dessert. These kunafa items reflect Looshi's commitment to quality and innovation in Arabic sweets.


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