Meet Looshi

My Story...
I will never forget my first Macaron. I had seen them before, their vibrant colors glistening in the French patisserie windows. They seemed so delicate and precious, something to eat only on special occasions. But there also seemed a barrier between me and those exquisite treats. I couldn't put my finger on it, perhaps it was the over the top, opulent presentation, the snooty shop owners or maybe the huge price tag. Whatever it was it always kept us apart for some time. 
When I first broke through that crispy outer shell and into the creamy, chewy, delicious center my taste buds came alive. 
I couldn't believe that I hadn't allowed myself to try something so delectable, and wondered whether other people had also felt the same way. And so decided I would make it my mission to bring Macarons to everybody. 
And here they are, for you, me and everybody. 
All my love