Our Bento Cake Collection is a celebration of artistry and taste. Each cake is a canvas, adorned with intricate edible designs and layers that showcase the skillful craftsmanship of our pastry chefs.
Elevate your dessert experience with the visual delight of our Bento Cakes. Each cake reveals a burst of colors, textures, and flavors, creating a sensory experience that goes beyond the ordinary.
We provide delivery in Dubai for all online orders above 300 AED. You can go ahead and select your bento cake and select your time and date of delivery at the checkout!
If you wish to send out your order as a gift and would like to add a specialized message with the order, you can add your message at the notes section in the checkout page. 
If you wish to customize a new bento cake design, please send us a message and our team will assist further.

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